Looking to have a barnyard friend, at your upcoming birthday party?

We have hand raised all our animals on our farm to be the friendliest & cleanest you will find.  They are all part of our family.  Most of our animals have been going to parties with their mommies starting at 2 weeks old so they have lots of party experience.

All of our petting zoos include hand sanitizer for your convenience.

Birthday Party Packages:

Want A Pony At Your Party?

We offer 2 ponies for 2 hours hand walked by professional wranglers, with top of the line custom seatbelts to assure your child’s safety.  Pony rides can be done in your yard, on the sidewalk in front of your house or at your local park. If your child can sit up by themselves and is under 65 lbs. they can ride a pony.

2 ponies for 2 hours $450
$150 each additional hour
* mileage fee may apply outside Ventura County*

Want Some Farm Animal Fun?

The petting farm includes ducks, chickens, goats & sheep.  We can also add bunnies, mini donkeys & mini horses for an additional fee.  We will set up a 8’ x 16’ fenced area the animals and kids can feel free to roam around in.  There is always an animal wrangler in the farm area to clean up those inevitable messes, open and close the gate and answer any questions that may arise.  

The Petting Farm for 2 hours $450
$150 each additional hour
*mileage fee may apply outside Ventura County*

Want The Barnyard Best Package?

This package is the best of both worlds, entertainment for hours.  Your guests can hang out with the baby goats and soft silkie chickens while they wait for their turn on the pony!

2 Ponies and the Petting Farm for 2 hours $600
$150 each additional hour
*mileage fee may apply*

Our Sweet Silkie & Bunny Zoo!

This zoo is wonderful for small yards and big bunny love, we offer 3-6 bunnies and/or a few sweet silkie chickens,  all different colors and ages.  Also depending on the season we may surprise you with some baby chicks bunnies or ducklings.

Sweet Silkie/Bunny zoo for 2 hours $325
$150 each additional hour
*mileage fee may apply*


  • If your child can sit up, they can ride.
  • Children must be less than 65 lbs. to ride a pony.
  • All of our animals LOVE to be pet and hugged but, there is no picking them up off of the ground.
We also offer Pony Carousels or Deluxe Petting Zoo’s

Call or E-mail us to customize your next package BIG or small...Call Tawni on her cell (805) 279-7780.
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