Petting Zoo

We offer a few Petting Zoo sizes to meet all your individual needs. All of our zoos includes an animal wrangler and hand sanitizer for you convenience.

Our Birthday Party Zoo

This zoo includes ducks, chickens, goats & sheep, in a 8’ x 16’ pen with a experienced and friendly animal wrangler to keep your zoo CLEAN, open and close the door and answer any and all questions! Approximately 10-12 animals.  We can also add bunnies, alpacas, mini donkeys, mini horses or mini cows for an additional fee. 

The Birthday Party Zoo for 2 hours $500
$200 each additional hour
Animal feed cups $40 per party
*mileage fee may apply outside Ventura County*

Our Sweet Silkie & Bunny Zoo 

(We're so sorry, Our Bunny zoo is not available at this time)

This zoo is wonderful for small yards and big bunny love, we offer 4-8 bunnies and/or a few sweet silkie chickens, all different colors and ages.  Also depending on the season we may surprise you with some baby chicks, bunnies or ducklings.

Sweet Silkie/Bunny Zoo for 2 hours $350

$150 each additional hour
No feed necessary
*mileage fee may apply outside Ventura County*

Our Deluxe Zoo

This zoo includes ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, a mini horse and/or a mini donkey (we occasionally offer other animals bunnies, chicks or ducklings depending on the season).  This zoo is a 16’ x 24’ pen with a knowledgeable, friendly animal wrangler, to clean up those inevitable messes, open and close the gate, pass out animal feed cups, and answer any questions. Approximately 13-20 animals.

Deluxe Petting Zoo for 2 hours $600

$200 each additional hour
Animal feed cups $40 per event *( animals will only eat until they are full)
*mileage fee may apply outside Ventura County*

The Animal World Carnival Zoo

This zoo is the type of set-up you would see at your local County Fair it includes 5 ‘ high custom white fences with double gates,  A variety of informational and educational signs, and approximately, 18-25 animals. Tawnis Ponies and Animal World takes pride in the safety and cleanliness of our animals.  It is important to us to have close trailer parking, electricity for our fans, and access to water and a dumpster for events over 2 days in length.  Animal World reserves the right to sell feed for the animals. Feed is sold at the cost of $1 per cup. We supply hand sanitizer for petting zoo visitors, but for safety and cleanliness it is still important that visitors have close access to a sink with soap and running water or a visible restroom. Please call Tawni to discuss details and pricing for the Animal World Carnival Zoo (805) 279-7780.


Our Nativity package includes a mini donkey, pony, goats, sheep, and chickens. We can customize this package for your individual needs and provide you with Camel rental information if you are interested. You may have seen our animals in the past at “The Bethlehem Experience” Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westlake Village, CA. Please call Tawni for pricing (805) 279-7780

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