Pony Ride

The Stars of your event will most likely be one of our 9 safe, reliable and lovable ponies: Hollywood, Holly, Smokey, Millie, Blondie, Elvis, Fabio, Tucker or Misty May.  
We love our ponies very much and by keeping a small herd it allows us to know each and every one of them very well, in turn keeping your kids safe and our ponies happy and healthy.

We offer a fun, colorful pony sweep that resembles a carousel of real live ponies.  Custom hand crafted safety belts are provided on each saddle to hold the children in place.  Ponies are well supervised by our experienced wranglers. We will also escort each child in and out of the pony sweep area for the safety of your children and our ponies.  Our pony sweep requires a 25’ diameter area.

We also offer handled ponies for smaller events, we can walk on the sidewalk, street, driveway or local park.  Please check out our Parties page for a detailed description for your next event!
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